(ENT NEWS): Exclusive Interview With Leesab


@BestArewaMusic: Briefly Introduce

Leesab: My name is Sabiu said popularly known by my stage name Leesab.
From Edo state jattu local govt.

@BestArewaMusic: Can You Tell Us About Your
Educational Matter?

Leesab: Well,I’m still a student who adores science very well and wish to be a medical doctor in the nearest future.

@BestArewaMusic: When Did You Start Writing
And Recording Music

Leesab: I started having this strong urge of becoming a musician when I Was at the age of 12. My first hit was a song titled Zaman duniya featuring Freshboi.

@BestArewaMusic: What Infuse You To Start
Writing and Recording Music?

Leesab: Actually.. I really Loved to rap when I Was very tender..my role model Was Eminem,the way he raps fluently really gave me inspiration so I decided to develop my dream.

@BestArewaMusic: Currently Do You Have Any
Album or E.P? If Not How Many Singles Have You

Leesab: I’m actually planning a very hot album dropping december this year, presently I don’t have any.

@BestArewaMusic: What Is Your Favorite Track
Among All Your Songs?

Leesab: My favourite song among my songs is Zaman duniya(living life)

@BestArewaMusic: Did You Have Any Video At All?

Leesab: No I don’t.

@BestArewaMusic: Currently What Project Are
You Working On?

Leesab: As I said earlier I’m currently working on my album.

@BestArewaMusic: Can You Give Us A Leak of The Artise You Want To Future In  The Album?

Leesab: I think I will feature artistes from my label, artistes like Mr Pz, AB Gentle, and Freshboi. Then a kano based artiste Don abba.

@BestArewaMusic: Mention Your Two Favorite
Rappers In Nigeria?

Leesab: Erigga and MI

@BestArewaMusic: Wow! What About Our
Northern Rappers?

Leesab: B.O.C,classiq and Morell

@BestArewaMusic: What Can You Say About
BestArewaMusic Blog?

Leesab: Its a very good and entertaining blog.

@BestArewaMusic: How Can
Your Fans Get or Download Your Music?.

Leesab: Just visit BestArewaMusic

@BestArewaMusic: Can You Please Tell Us Your
Social Media’s Handle So That Fans Can Get In
Touch With You?

Leesab: My twitter handle is @Leesab,facebook @Leesab_oshiokhe saeed, my instagram account got hacked but am going to open a New one.

@BestArewaMusic: Thank You For Your

Leesab: Thanks Its my pleasure.


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