(ENT NEWS): Exclusive Interview With Haddy Iksam



@BestArewaMusic: Briefly Introduce

Haddy Iksam: Well my Name ix khadija usman.popular name known az Haddy Iksam a.k.a Yarinyar arewa…was born in kd..and the only Daughter of my parent.

@BestArewaMusic: Wow… Can You Tell Us About Your
Educational Matter

Haddy Iksam: Well I did my primary school At command day secondary school till my Ss1 before I was transferred to Rakiya international school that’s where I wrote my waec,And now am in B.u.k. that’s bayero university Kano.

@BestArewaMusic: When Did You Start Writing
And Recording Music

Haddy Iksam: Ahmm,i started  my music since 2016 wen I was in secondary school.

@BestArewaMusic: What Infuse You To Start
Writing and Recording Music?

Haddy Iksam: Well to b honest!! I can’t say I really like music from my childhood.but they was a time I heard one of my school mate song,d song was very massive,exceptional and  Astonishing…so I jumped to conclusion to make use of the beat..he told me he can’t send me..but for sure we if am good to go with the remix he will let me use it.And I was comfort with his decision so I accepted.. And that was my first track “thinking of u remix”

@BestArewaMusic: Currently Do You Have Any Album or E.P? If Not How Many Singles You Drop?

 Haddy Iksam: Well no I don’t have any Album.. But for the time being am thinking of preparing my new  Album soon.And I don’t have much single track but al i can say i have 2 now but am still working on the others.


 @BestArewaMusic: What Is Your Favorite Track Among All Your Songs?

 Haddy Iksam: My favorite track was my first track..But still I love my other tracks especially the one Am working on it now.

@BestArewaMusic: Did You Have Any Video At All?

 Haddy Iksam: No I don’t have any video of my songs but soon I will start working that.

@BestArewaMusic: Mention Your Two Favorite Rappers In Nigeria?

 Haddy Iksam: Deezell and Kheengz are my  Fav Rappers

@BestArewaMusic: What Can You Say About BestArewaMusic Blog?

 Haddy Iksam: Yh sure!!! I really like Bestarewamusic blog…we thanks them and we really appreciate cuz without their blog our songs will never be promoted as it was now..thanks very much

@BestArewaMusic: Can You Please Tell Us Your Social Media’s Handle So That Fans Can Get In Touch With You?

 Haddy Iksam: @Fb_Haddy Iksam…   @IG_Haddy iksam… @twitter_Haddy070.. @Snapchat_Haddy iksam

 @BestArewaMusic: Thank You For Your cooperation.

 Haddy Iksam: Never mind ai Ana tare…


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