[Album] Ice Star -The Authentic E.P

Hip-hop sensation base in the session is highly a great section for the upcomers,one part eye of Borno, maiduguri Super star,A Hausa and English pop,rap star basically and professionally known as Ice Star aka Zaddy release his super heavy first studio project(The Authentic EP).
The Authentic EP is a collection of different types of musical genres, less mention. Getting him resistance on the 8 tracks done cleared which featured seven act from maid which are also some icons to the state music industry.
Ice Star work day and night as he said some month later, later be announcing we are going to have the piece on this month (September).
His extended play which got three single featured him self high, gotten trap rap all, Old School Niggas, Authentic, I Don’t Give A Fuck. Rap like no one to compare other than MI Abaga,Nas Or Ice Prince,and getting five collaborations consist of singing and rap both, Feeling You Ft Yzee, Ku Gafara Ft Caxtro & A4 Swag, Dan Karyane Ft Tongies,Babban Sarki Remix Ft Verdoo,We Balling Ft Classic Jay & Zuse.
making it solidly insist the artiste to work with three producers on the mixed and mastering his stuff, tracks2,3,4 were arranged and getting high vocalic mixed by Mr Pen,Tracks 5,6,7,8 were produced by Zuse the main house producer as usual,Track 1 was mixed by the producer(Don Yahzy) the DY Record owner.
Coming to the giant men which put hands together to make the project perfect people that executive produced the work got the talents and likes of Maroon Berry(AKE Producer) ,Poppopley,Optimism LA,Swagson Jay, Zox, and Zuse. a team work of the intelligent men also make the EP fabulous.
Helping and Dealing with the record label (Arewa Kingz Entertainment), which will must be among the top 3 music group in the state, treated the act perfectly in various way.
Ice Star happened and said to be one of the crew front line artiste and the first artiste to have a single and a project from the label.
Let’s take a look into the tracks and see what Ice Star bring for us. 
Track 1 “Authentic” which happened to be the first also the opener of the project, Ice  make a decision to send a message to the people who always detest his music career or having the guts of hating the hip-hop entirely, hearing the pillar of a song (Chorus) ,Ice Star being talking about why the ppl hate him and his team entirely punching the beats with
“Am an authentic, you bitches talk shit, don’t care about it kuganni banda abun ki “ haven’t rest on that only, having some heavy lines with his native language Hausa and English from his first verse saying
“Ku dan juyo ku ganni nine yaron nan kalleni,why you skipping me in fact I pull out with ma little job”
Coming to the interlude which repeated after every verse seems to be sending message to some people saying “Disturbing me will make you fail I have no time to waste in jail but if you think I would make it rain remember time is fading right but only genius have the point spreading lies a bloody hell am busting like a rocket league no time to have than better this “
Track 2 “Feeling You” which featured the ghetto players nation act Yzee, comes up as a singing tune to our ears, but we already know when rappers sing always compare it to rap again, Feeling you is a lovely song dedicated to no one but the lovers of good music, Ice Star may be affected with love or just having it on key with the hook and chorus saying
“She make me feel I need more than to have your waist ohhh baby girl I love you my love for you is true….. Anytime she call me, I make her smile on, Her love I need, she said she love me too don’t want to leave her, because I love her, Her love I need, she said she love me too “ nothing can imagine how it sound unless you get your copy and heard the lines.Yzee same jump and make it so cleared that she drive him crazy!
Track 3 “Old School Niggas is a total rap song with a high and indefinable lyrics Ice Star punch in it, nothing like play to the verses and chorus just listen to it and get your blue paint also!
Track 4 “Ku Gafara is a collaboration which Ice Star featured his label mates brothers Caxtro and A4 Swag,Ku Gafara is a hip-hop tune and also rap banger tittle in Hausa language meaning “Go Away” the track was released few months later and now is featured in the EP also, we don’t know why the Rapper like to make it on the project but anyway is so dope and cool than ever on the project.
Track 5 “Dan Karyane which featured the blinkers record singer and CEO Tongies, is a comic track same tittle in Hausa meaning “He Is A Liar” Ice and Tongies both rap and sing making the song very fabulous in hearing, they both make the beat shake it self.
Track 6 “I Don’t Give A Fuck” is a single track beat by Ovizta, adamawa based producer, Ice Star jump on the beat and make it no noise especially the chorus where he is like
“When they see me coming through sai suce, When they see upcoming rapper on the street,Niggas try to keep the shit about the day,All the ladies now wanna say ma name” heavy one like Vector with the chorus settle “I Don’t Give A Fuck” Just listen and feel the vibe.
Track 7 Babban Sarki Remix” which featured Verdoo the AKE CEO himself having on the remix. Babban sarki is a single track released by Ice Star in the late year 2017 ,and now Ice decided to give us the remix on the project. Hope you enjoy the single?  But this remix is better than the single, I bet you listen and download you will never regret your time of listening.
Track 8 “We Balling” which we can also call it the close of the project, is high hip hop consisting of some singing bridge is a collaboration of three dope ones no ones but Classic Jay and Zuse the main house in and out producers. Just listen and feel the project. Don’t forget to follow Ice Star on Every Social Media Platform.
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Download the full EP here :

 1.Ice Star -Authentic Download

2.Ice Star -Feeling You (Feat. Yzee)  Download
3.Ice Star -Old School Niggas  Download
4.Ice Star -Ku Gafara (Feat. Caxtro & A4 Swag)  Download
5.Ice Star -Dan Karyane (Feat. Tongies)  Download
6.Ice Star -I Don’t Give A Fuck  Download
7.Ice Star -Babban Sarki (Remix Feat. Verdoo)  Download
8.Ice Star -We Balling (Feat. Classic Jay & Zuse)  Download



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