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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

BIOGRAPHY: K - One Blaq Waxeery (Mai Wanka Da Faro)

Real Name: Faheed Muhammad Jamil
Date of Birth: January 1st
Stage of Origin: Kano
L.G.A: Nassarawa

Hausa (The No 1st Rated Language in The Whole Nigeria and 10th In The Whole World is My Ethnicity..

Stage Name: K - One Blaq Waxeery

Meaning of The Acronym K - One:
The K Means Kolo Toure A Footballer, The Name Was Given To Me By My Primary School Teacher and The One Was People Calling Me.

From My Father I'm The Third Born of The Family, and My Dad's Name is Muhammad Jamil. I'm From A Monogamy Family, My Father and Mother Are Both Alive and Both Civil Servant.. We Are Family of 7 Children and I'm The Third Born of The Family.
Here are The List of The Family Members in Ordered Way

Faheed (K-One)
Aisha (Ameera)

2001-2007 (Tudun Wada Special Primary School Kano)

Secondary School
2007-2012 (Government College Kano KTC)

High School
2015-2017 (College of Arts, Science and Remedial Studies CAS)

MUSIC Career and Genre:
I Started Music Right From Childhood, Because I Use To Write in Those Days and Follow up Musician. But I Can't Say I Follow Many Musicians From Different Genre. I Started Recording My Music in 2015 Where I Record Zamu Zaga Duniya. I Had My First Performance in 2015 at a Wedding Party Which Was Held At Digital Bridge Institute Kano State.. It Was Awesome I Can Say That.. I Started A Crew Name Dollars Record, With My Friends In Person of Affanskuboy, Lil Zeega, Lil Mujee Where We Record A Cypher With Them. Sorry To Say Lil Zeega and Lil Mujee are No More in The Game Rather Me and Affanskuboy Currently.. And During Dollars Record Time We Don't Really Know How and What is A Record, Just Doing Things on A Lowkey..

In 2018 I Got A Record Deal With Villas Record Which is Still Running Till Date and In Villas Record it Was An Awesome Journey For Me Because is There I Know Who An Artist is.. I Got Many Project There, Here are Some Project Which I Have So Far In Villas Record.

Karin Magana
Mai Wanka Da Faro (Audio + Video)
Na Tsane Ki
Jagwal Ft. Mubson Zamani
Sanyi Ft. Mubson Zamani

Instagram: @k_one_blaq_waxeery
Twitter: k1_blaq_waxeery
Facebook: K One Blaq Waxeery
YouTube: Mai Wanka Da Faro TV

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