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Sunday, 8 March 2020

Kenyan graduate who made 200 job applications without success now earns 4.2m monthly.

- Amos Nyambane graduated with a degree in procurement and supply chain management from Dedan Kimathi University in 2017 but failed to secure a white-collar job

- Towards the end of 2017, he bought 40 chicks to start his poultry business and he currently has over 2000 layers

 - The young man earns a monthly gross income of KSh 1.2 million (N4,263,683.23) from supplying chicks to poultry farmers countrywide

When Amos Nyambane graduated in 2017 with a degree in procurement and supply chain management, he was so hopeful that he would land a white-collar job.

Little did he know how unlucky life outside campus would be to him until it reached a point where he concluded that his four years in campus were a waste of time and resources. 
Speaking to bestarewablog, the 25-year-old said he made over 200 job applications both online and physically but still failed to secure employment.Amos Nyambane graduated in 2017 with a degree in procurement and supply chain management. Photo: Enock Ndayala.
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Little did he knew that in every desert of calamity God provides an oasis.

The Dedan Kimathi University graduate decided to do poultry farming and using the money he got from working at a construction site, he bought 40 indigenous chicks. 

According to him, things were tough at the beginning and got worse when his parents got tired of him.

 "When I begun, my mother was against the idea of farming. She frequently insulated me and could severally attempt to kick me out of home telling me to go and look for a job," he said. 

Currently, he has over 2000 layers producing over 20,000 chicks every month, a venture that is raking him close to Ksh 1.2 million gross income. 

"Every month, I sell over 20,000 chicks to farmers countrywide. One day old chick goes for between KSh 75 (N266.40) and KSh 85 (N302.01) depending on breed, distance and other factors," he said. 

"Our youths want to live in cities without jobs. It is high time they went to go back to village and start farming. This I can assure you they will be millions are in three years time," he said.

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