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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Woman Receives Praise For Hatching Duck Egg By Incubating It In Her Bra For Over A Month

A California woman has received praises for going above and beyond to ensure that a cracked duck egg she found in a park hatched, by incubating it in her bra for over a month – 35 days.

Betsy Ross was walking in the public park when she found a smashed up duck nests, and was begged by her kids to save a lucky egg which had only a small crack.

She had never hatched an egg before, and she didn’t think she could save it, but the children were already upset because of the nests, so she said yes.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Ross revealed that she contacted a local wildlife rescue organization since she didn’t have an incubator but learned they didn’t take eggs.

She thought of the next best warm place to keep it and opted for her bra, close to her chest. A quick search online proved that she had chosen the right spot as the eggs basically require warmth and humidity. She also read that she had to rotate it a few times a day

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