‘100 million’ year old river monster found in the Sahara- Giant Dino, with photos


The first ever evidence of a dinosaur which swam, lived and hunted underwater has been discovered in the now-barren wilderness of the Saharan desert.
But 100 million years ago this region would have been a lush oasis interspersed with rivers and waterways teeming with life.

And lurking beneath the surface, sitting atop the entire food chain, was a fearsome aquatic dinosaur.
The river monster — called Spinosaurus aegyptiacus — powered through the water with a fin-like tail and captured slippery prey with six-inch long conical teeth.
A fossilised tail of a juvenile of the species, which belongs to the therepod group, the same as the T-rex, was found in modern-day Morocco.

Adults are known to reach up to 50ft long and weigh up to 20 tonnes but this specimen had yet to reach its full size, measuring 35ft from snout to tail and weighing around four tonnes.


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