Aeriel view of OAU – photos


Indeed, when it comes to campus beauty and serenity in Nigeria, a magnificent West African estate, the OAU, comfortable sits on top.

With a perfect blend of inspiring architecture and nature, the university is overlooked by a touristic mountain from where the Nigerian academic giant can be viewed in a glance. The planning of the school is such that there are special designated areas for academics, hostels, sports, banking, markets, staff quarters, a university farm etc.

Rumor has it that this citadel of learning is well on its way (if it already hasn’t) to generate her own independent power supply that will help boost adequate research activities. This is expected to translate into better global ranking for the university in the coming years.

The University, which also has produced numerous notable alumni including the current president of the African Development Bank, Akinwunmi Adesina, is perhaps the only one such in the country where some form of space research takes place.

These are some random aerial and other pictures from “Great Ife” as it is fondly called.


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