Brewing Feud Between Deezel And Classiq?

Arewa’s top artist ,Classiq in a recent interview called himself the king of the north but this didn’t go well with another rapper popularly known as Deezel who in return took to twitter to dare Classiq to come and make a shoot for ‘Ba Ruwanmu’ a hit back then,
See tweet
”Ba Ruwanmu” was a hit back then. The jam has top arewa rappers in it, Morell, Kheengz, beehive maestro B.O.C , DJ Ab , Classiq and Deezel himself who featured them. The video was never made.
In a Hip Hop niche where rap is a hot game, rivalry between hot acts is seen as something that intertwine with the game itself. Deezel recently just released a viral music video he called ”North Ahead” . This could be a kick start to the very imminent rivalry between the hot heads.


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