3 unforgivable crimes committed by HushPuppi aside cyber fraud!


Besides this major crime, there are many crimes that are also not pardonable that he committed.

1. Discouraging hard work: He was a bad influence on the youths. His public display of wealth somehow discourages people who are working hard but are still struggling.

2. He encourages fraudsters: He was a role model for an internet fraudster. These fraudsters always believed that they can get away with their crimes like Hushpuppi and have consciously made cybercrime legit.

3.He tarnished the image of the country: Hushpuppi has a Nigerian origin and this action of his has further ruined the reputation of the country. The bad side of this is remote workers will seriously be affected as some foreign clients may blacklist Nigerian freelancers.

Hushpuppi has really committed great crimes and shouldn’t be pardoned.

What should be done to Nigerian Internet fraudsters when apprehended?
 Share your thoughts below.


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