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Friday, 26 June 2020

BE SINCERE!! After Watching The Viral Documentary Of Hushpuppi Arrest, Do You Feel Sorry For Him?

Hi Guys,

In the early hours of June 25th 2020, Dubai Police released a documentary video of how the arrest Huspuppi and gang using “Operation Fox Hunt 2”.
In case you’ve not seen the video CLICK HERE
Hushpuppi is known for his lavish lifestyle on social media and according to Dubai Police, the Nigerian big boy and his gang have defrauded up to 1.9 million people.
Out of these 1.9 million people he and his gang have defrauded many of them would have gone into depression and probably be battling with a life-time financial crisis.
Now, with the help of the big boy social media lifestyle which is majorly done to stunt on fellow Nigerians, the Dubai Police were able to gather proper evidence against him before his arrest.
As it stands now, this is the end of the road for the Nigerian IG big boy and Gucci Master, Hushpuppi.
While some Nigerians think Hushpuppi deserves double of what is happening to him right now, some Nigerians are expressing their pity for him with hashtag #Pray4Hushpuppi.
The big question is 👇

After Watching That Documentary Of His Arrest, Do You Feel Sorry For Him?

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