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Monday, 8 June 2020

Can you quit social media to save your relationship?

        Would you quit social media to save your  relationship?

     Social media as an internet environment is a good place to find solace and get connected to friends and family, also a place you get current with all the happenings around you and beyond, it's also one of the main cause of relationships falling apart.

     Social media can be one of the best way to ruin a building relationship or an already built one, in a sense that it can invite insecurities , mistrust and even paranoia.

   Your relationship with your partner shouldn't be centered around social media. You shouldn't have to be stalking on people to find out whether or not something fishy is going on. If you let your judgements controlled by social media, then it's best you quit on it to save your relationship, but it's become somewhat difficult for people to quit social media for whatever reason!

      So the question for debate now is, 

Would you or can you quit social media for the benefit or health of your relationship???
Let's have your share of opinion please.

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