FBI’s post about Nigerian fugitives that got people talking, saying FBI is racist.


      The federal bureau of investigation (FBI) yesterday, took to its twitter handle to release it’s list of most wanted fugitives in a #fugitiveFriday programme. The list seems to contain 79 international fugitives of whom 37 are of Arab origin, 20 of Asiatic origin , 16 Russians and just 6 Nigerians!

      The FBI in this post seems to pinpoint to the six Nigerian nationals alone, seeking help from the media to find the Nigerians who were reportedly involved in Business email compromise (BEC) schemes resulting in over $6 million loses.

     Recall, a Nigerian self acclaimed billionaire popularly knows as HushPuppi was few weeks back arrested and is undergoing investigations for cyber fraud! This whole development is a huge blow and a taint to Nigerians living abroad making decent earnings.

See FBI’s post in twitter and some Nigerians retweets



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