Federal lawmaker Ahmed Jaha (APC-Borno), representing Chibok, Damboa, Gwoza Federal Constituency of Borno in the House of Representatives, has apologised for comments he made attributing rape to women’s dressing


Jaha, at an interview with journalists on Saturday in Abuja, recalled his comments at the debate that women should cultivate a habit of proper dressing to avoid unnecessary harassment from men who could not control themselves.

“I have made a mistake that has offended the sensibilities of fellow Nigerians and indeed, fellow human beings, particularly women who are our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

“While I totally reaffirm my position that rapists should face death sentences, I regret the part that talks about the dressing of women.

“I deeply apologise for this position, because as some have rightly argued, my comments, could imply that women who are victims, share the blame of being raped.
“This clearly, could not have been the intention of someone who suggested death penalty for rapists,”

Jaha said.


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