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Monday, 13 July 2020

Popular Nigerians Whose Wealth Are Questionable(photos)

Money is desired by everyone, most people see money as a means to build their self esteem. Of course, money brings respect and as it is popularly said that money stops nonsense.

However, as much as money is needed in life, the means at which people go to get it is alarming.

In Nigeria today, we have several individuals who are quite popularly with questionable wealth. Their wealth is questionable in the sense that the business they claim to be doing isn’t as lucrative to be giving them so much money, also, the way they flaunt their wealth calls for some investigation.

Below are some of them according to TRIXX NG

E-Money : Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, is a 39-year old Nigerian who is the junior brother of popular artiste, Kcee.

He is an entrepreneur, investor, business tycoon, and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Five Star Music. He is into Oil and Gas and Emmy Cargoes Nigeria Limited formerly called Borisa Nigeria Limited (a shipping company) and also has a different chain of businesses abroad.

He was born in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria, on February 18, 1981, E-Money got his nickname after he started throwing money around and demonstrating what a luxurious life he had. Some other people even refer to him as Arabic money for his over-the-board generosity.

Although, he claims to be a businessman, however, some of his business are not verifiable. The flaunting, flashy lifestyle, etc have made him one Nigerian whose wealth is questionable

Cubana Chiefpriest : Chibuike Paschal Okechukwu, popularly known as Cubana Chiefpriest due to the name of the club which he co-owns, Cubana, is an internet sensation who is more popular on instagram.

Severally, he has flaunted cash on his instagram page, done give aways worth millions of naira. Although, his business is very lucrative, he has signed several deals with companies but the question is does he makes all those money from his business alone? Cubana Chiefpriest was arrested few weeks ago by the police who feels his wealth is questionable.

MC Galaxy : Innocent Udeme Udofot (born 2 May), better known as MC Galaxy, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. MC Galaxy used to be very popular and rich due to the fame his songs gave him then but as at now, everyone knows MC Galaxy’s music career has gone down the drain for a long time. He doesn’t get the shows, endorsement anymore and these are the things that give musicians the wealth they get in music but MC Galaxy has been all out flaunting. In one of the recently concluded BBNaija, he gave a contestant a whooping N1Million. It’s really questionable, except its ‘audio money’ but apart from that, he should be seriously questioned.

Hushpuppi : Raymond Abass alias AKA Hushpuppi is another person whose wealth is questionable. He has been arrested by the FBI for fraud related offence and might probably go to jail if his legal counsel is unable to put up a very strong defence.

Before his arrest, Hushpuppi was very popular On instagram for flaunting wealth. He wears latest designers, buys the latest cars, has celebrity friends too, sleep in expensive hotels and all of that.

Right from time, his wealth has been questionable. According to the police, he defrauded over 1.9 Million people and has also stashed up millions of dollars in Bitcoin as a reservoir for him.

Mompha : Ismaila Mustapha AKA Mompha is also a Nigerian celebrity who is known for flaunting. He used to be a close ally of Hushpuppi before they fell out. He was also at a time arrested for fraud but was later released by the EFCC.

Although he has laid low for now, following the arrest of Hushpuppi and his previous encounter with the EFCC, however, he definitely has lots of questions to answer in his acquisition of wealth.

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