10 Nigerian police officers fired, 18 were demoted



The police in the southern Nigerian state of Lagos have fired 10 officers and provided several others with warning letters and training.

Police were found to have committed wrongdoing which included murder and excessive use of force.

A statement from the Lagos State Police Command, which was sent to the BBC, said the move was part of an effort to improve the education and morale of the Lagos State Police.

The force prosecuted 81 employees for various disciplinary offenses committed between October 2019 and October 2020, including dismissing 10 police officers after they were found guilty. and did the wrong thing.

The charges against him include murder, dishonesty, abuse of power, use of force and negligence while on duty.

A statement issued by Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the state police public relations officer, said the force had also charged and charged seven other officers, while the staff had been fired. 10, and eight of them are males.

18 male police officers have also been demoted. She said there were 29 others who had been given warnings to correct their behavior. Others have been trained in experiments.

However, 16 other police officers have been acquitted of the charges, due to lack of evidence.

Rank of police officers affected

The employees who were prosecuted one by one came after committing crimes at various locations in Lagos State.

Police include the Superintendent and Corporals. Senior police officers have also been found guilty of various disciplinary offenses and are being prosecuted at the Police Headquarters in Abuja for appropriate action.

The officers, who were named, are accused of misconduct while serving in the Lagos State Police Command.

The move by the force comes at a time when allegations are being made against police officers who are fighting armed robbers and saboteurs.

It is unclear whether the dismissal and disciplinary action were part of an order issued by President Buhari to look into matters affecting the activities of military personnel.

Some Nigerians have recently staged peaceful protests that have turned into vandalism and killings, demanding the disbandment of the SARS police force by the federal government, but still protests it continues to cause the destruction of lives and the destruction of vast amounts of property.

The Lagos State government has set up a task force to investigate allegations that the SARS police are overreacting to the public.


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