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Saturday, 7 November 2020

2020 US Election: Who is Joe Biden, the man who has been running for the U.S presidency since 1987?


Joe Biden has won the US election for the third time running for the White House.

The BBC predicts a landslide victory for the president with 270 votes in the special election commission, which means he will be sworn in in January, following a series of election hearings.

Mr. Biden's campaign rhetoric differs from that of President Trump, who has been campaigning for a long time, while the Democratic nominee describes himself as a man of discernment by following the rules of the plague. coronary heart disease.

Although former President Barack Obama has called him "the best vice president the United States has ever had", Mr Biden has been widely criticized for his homosexuality in his 40-year tenure.

So who is Joe Biden and how did he finally achieve his dream of becoming president which he has had since 1987 when he first announced his intention?

'Obama's cousins'

Mr Biden ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008 before later running for vice-president alongside Obama.

His eight years with Obama at the White House - where he often sits next to the president - allowed Mr. Biden to claim to be the backbone behind the production of some of the Obama administration's most important achievements, including the Simple Health Care Program, and financial assistance provided during times of economic crisis.

His association with Mr. Obama - a man often referred to as a "brother" - may have once again played a role in gaining the support of his black American electorate.

Exit polls suggest Biden's black turnout in 2020 could give him a landslide victory in some of the world's most contested states. such as Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

As an expert inside and outside the US government, Mr. Biden is well-versed in foreign affairs and has helped Obama increase his knowledge of governance.

Mr. Joe also played a key role in using it to persuade white voters who were a challenge to Obama's victory.

That has had an impact, and will have an impact again in 2020, when Mr. Biden won the support of the so-called "blue wall" states that are the center of the country's major industries, which turned Democrats. back when Trump ran for office in 2016.

He has long been involved in politics

Mr Biden made headlines in 2012 after saying he "strongly supports same-sex marriage", a statement seen as undermining the president's reputation for not backing the policy at the time.

A few days later, Mr Obama did the same.

Mr Biden's two-time support for the black president in the first place follows a long political career.

He was first elected senator from Delware in 1972, where he held the post for six terms.

He ran for president in 1988 but withdrew after admitting to stealing a speech from then-Labor president Neil Kinnock.

The length of time he spent in the Senate seat in the capital gave his critics enough evidence to criticize him.

Early in his political career, Mr. Biden supported thousands of racists, in rejecting a court-ordered order for a school bus system to accommodate public students.

Then as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991, he presided over the confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and he was criticized for playing a role in the allegations made by Anita Hill. I accused her of having an affair with Clarence.

Mr Biden also saw the assassination as part of a 1994 bill that reformists now see as leading to longer sentences and more imprisonment for fewer offenses.

These past actions have been criticized by some as unsuitable for the current Democratic system.

Lose love

Mr Biden has faced many challenges in his life.

In 1972, shortly after he won his first election as senator, his first wife, Neilia, and his daughter, Naomi, were killed in a car accident.

He rose to prominence after taking the oath of office as a senator for the first time from a hospital where his son, Beau, survived an accident.

In 2015, Buau died of brain cancer at the age of 46. His son was widely regarded as a rising star in American politics, and he set his sights on running for governor of Delware in 2016.

The father supported his son's candidacy and encouraged him to run again, and during the campaign he gave examples and enlightenment to explain why the health system - his main goal he wanted achieve - is important to him.

Mr. Beid's death earned him the support and sympathy of the people, who demonstrated his courage and determination: it further cemented his status as a man who cared deeply for his family.

However, no matter what his motives are, there are always some problems.

After running for office in 2020 he was accused of having too much sex with women after a video was leaked as evidence.

These images have led some to dismiss him as a person who was previously viewed as a believer.

However Joe Biden was unprofessional, his campaign style contributed to his success - sometimes a victory in his long political career.

Mr. Biden will become the 46th president of the United States, after hearing all other election appeals.

He will turn 78 worldwide when he is sworn in in January - the longest-serving president the country has ever had.

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