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Monday, 30 November 2020

Arewa in a very drastic state : Security concerns!


Drastically Arewa is  Declining into stateless society where there is no security And stability, lack of Standard and Good Governance to cuve such insurgencies and Massively killing, Kidnappings and abductions everywhere in Arewa, banditry everywhere. 

For long, we are having experiencing the conditions of turmoil, poverty, non access to employment and lack of proper social Amenities  in Arewa, but now we face Security issues as the major tribulation.

Northern leaders (includes Grand Commander)failed, mischief and really disappointed us in higher degree of Deception, who had poor thoughts on responsibility as something big deal (even in hereafter)
they also monopolised Security sector with Alot of scandals, owning the Officers for their benefit only, while massacres  becomes rampant in Arewa.

Lastly, we are tired of this Normlessness condition, massive Killing, Kidnapping and all forms of insecurity in general.
Its burden upon your oaths Holy scriptures and National Constitution to Provide Security and peace (not only in your Villa house and  surrounding Area). 

By Sameen Y Saeed (DR SYS) 


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