How someone killed his divorce wife boyfriend in Jigawa



The killer has escaped and we have not been able to locate him or find anyone close to him.

The Jigawa State Police Command has confirmed the death of a 45-year-old man in Kaugama Local Government Area of the state.

In an interview with the BBC, SP Audu Jinjiri said the name of the man who was killed was Sale Dange, and he was killed by stabbing him.

He said on Monday a man suspected of killing Umar Jalo, a resident of Dakaiyyawa, found the late Sale Dange with his wife in less than a week.

The jealous man did not ask who she was standing with or their relationship, he just threw a knife and stabbed the deceased, who before the end of the hospital said goodbye to his hometown.

SP Audu Jinjiri said: “Around 2:30 pm, an unidentified man named Umaru came to Kaugama Local Government Area where he found a 45-year-old Sale Dange from Daqayyawa village and in Kaugama Local Government Area.

“He was spotted with his wife standing up and he had just released her three days ago. He stabbed her and told her he was dead. We went to the hospital as if everything was dead,” he said.

The police investigation confirmed that Umar Jalo, had divorced his wife three times, which according to Islamic teachings was forbidden to him at the time, according to SP Jinjiri.

According to the police, information obtained from the woman whose son was killed indicated that Umar Jalo was a native of Bauchi State in Azare, prompting them to follow Jalo to Bauchi.

However, the army was unable to locate the fugitive or any of his relatives or close associates.

“Once he is arrested, we will take him to court to reap what he has done,” said SP Jinjiri.

On the other hand, the deceased could not be found by his relatives, which is why he was kept in the morgue before finding his relatives.


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