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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Insult to the Prophet in Kano: The case of a person who insulted the Prophet continues


A Kano State High Court in Nigeria has begun hearing the case of a man convicted of insulting the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In August, an Islamic court in the state sentenced 22-year-old Yahaya Aminu Sharif to death by hanging for insulting the Prophet.

She found him guilty of making derogatory remarks in a song he performed in March 2020.

On the other hand, the court sentenced a young man named Umar Farouq to death on the same charge of blasphemy.

He was abusive while arguing with someone, according to the plaintiffs.

However, they all appealed to the Kano State High Court.

What happened in Court

The trial began on Thursday under the chairmanship of two judges - Kano Chief Justice Nura Sagir Umar and Justice Nasiru Saminu.

Aminu Shariff's lawyer, Barrister Kola Alapinne, has challenged the death sentence handed down by the Islamic Sharia Court, saying it violates the Nigerian constitution.

He asked the court to overturn the ruling of the Islamic Sharia court.

In the case of Umar Farouq, Barrister Kola Alapinne, who is his lawyer, asked the court to overturn the verdict.

He asked the court to dismiss the two men.

Only a lawyer representing the Kano state government, Barrister Aisha Mahmoud, appealed to the court to uphold the Islamic Courts' verdict.

For their part, the judges said that in the future, lawyers for both parties would be summoned and informed of the date of the verdict.

Demonstrations of condemnation

At the time, the Hisbah Board urged residents of the state not to be ahead of themselves in making decisions

In March, youths staged a protest demanding the punishment of Yahya Sharif-Aminu, whom they accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammad (SAS).

The youths gathered in front of the Hisbah office, where they were received by the commissioner.

Earlier, angry singers stormed the singer's parents' house in the Sharifai area of ​​Kano, destroying its contents.

' The sentence will be an insult to the public '

The lawyer asked the court to dismiss the two men

The leader of the protesters in March, Idris Ibrahim, told the BBC that the verdict would be a signal to others who "want to follow the same path as John". because it shows that we did not protest in vain.

"This verdict will be a lesson to other people who think they will insult our religion and the Messenger of God without any action being taken," he said.

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