”My songs are like entries in my diary” – Singer Tems

Tems talked about ‘For Broken Ears,’ how ‘Mr. Rebel‘ gave her journey a jolt and more.
On Tems’ EP, ‘For Broken Ears’ sits ‘Temilade’ interlude at track three. Her mom was talking about how she knew Tems – real name – Temilade was going to be a girl and that she was going to be special.
Until a few months before her EP dropped, Tems didn’t know that story. But when she finally knew, it felt like a part of her formative story and she thought to share with her audience on her debut EP. Her music has always been a part of who she is, the stories she tells are some of her real-life experiences.
My songs are like entries in my diary, ” she says. It then makes sense that huge parts of her life and formation like that voice note from her mom would make an EP filled with other real-life experiences.The EP was well received by fans and music lovers. 
For someone who didn’t really realize that she could really sing till she was 17, one would understand why her mom’s story hit her. Before she was 17 and she realized a need to take music seriously, she was in love with music. She could play the piano and the guitar. She also wrote a lot of songs.
Music is a gift, a big one at that. So if you are gifted with it, explore it and make sacrifices.


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