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Monday, 30 November 2020

Security issue: Nigerians 'fed up with Buhari's rule'


Nigerians are beginning to express their shock at the deteriorating security situation in the north of the country during a mourning period for farmers slaughtered in Borno State.

There is no doubt that the magnitude of the security crisis continues to burn peanuts in the palm of the hand, and this has angered the people of the northern part of the country.

Most of the people in the area are now worried and seem to be on the verge of collapse due to the security crisis.

Ever since the news of the killings of extremist farmers in and out of the country over the dire situation that Nigeria finds itself in on a daily basis.

Some of the victims are still being sought, while some Nigerians are questioning whether President Muhammadu Buhari has stepped in to address the security crisis or step down.

Kill people in the village

Many farmers in northwestern Nigeria, whose crops have now been abandoned, have been unable to harvest or even harvest due to militant attacks.

One of them told the BBC that when you find a village where everyone is killed or kidnapped, sometimes even if you give ransom money people are not returned.

He said: "To be honest, the government has failed because in the last five years, there has always been a crisis.

"And the president needs to get rid of bad creditors and change the way he really is."

'Buhari has failed'

A human rights activist, Comrade Kabiru Dakata, thinks it is time for the Nigerian president to do justice.

He said, "The first justice we are seeking from President Buhari is to step down, because the truth is that he has failed in terms of security, which is where he is supposed to play a key role."

"If the president has not forgotten, he once advised former President Jonathan to step down when Buhari accused Jonathan of failing in Nigeria's security," Dakata said.

And he should fire the country's top security officers if they are serious, because he himself once accused them of incompetence, said Comrade Dakata.

But Hajia Hawwa El Yakuob, a grassroots activist known as Maso Talakawa, said the problem was not a one-man show because if Buhari was to step down, he would have to remove all his aides.

The White House apologizes

But while the people of northern Nigeria are expressing similar concerns, Malam Garba Shehu, the president's spokesperson, apologizes and emphasizes that they are aware of everything.

A spokesman for President Buhari said they would not just express their grief and concern over the situation and the loss of lives.

He said they were worried and alert, and did not underestimate the problem.

However, he said the contribution of the security forces and the military should not be forgotten because most Nigerians are safe, according to Garba Shehu.

More light

The United Nations says the killing of farmers in Borno is the deadliest attack on civilians this year in the world.

She has now made it clear that the people of northern Nigeria are tired of the security situation in the region, and the way in which what is often seen as the Badake jump or all the dust is being addressed.

While roaming in northeastern Nigeria, there in the northwest also laid their hands on his head.

Residents of Ranndagi in the Birnin Gwarin area of ​​Kaduna State say they are in a state of panic and some are even considering leaving the town, due to an increase in bandit attacks.

A witness told the BBC that even over the weekend, three people were killed and several others injured.

Meanwhile, the state government said an unrest between some ethnic groups in southern Kaduna over the weekend led to killings and arson.

There were also reports of heavy gunfire between security forces and gunmen blocking the Kaduna-Zaria road on Sunday night.

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