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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Veronica Seider: The woman with Super human eye sight. Some facts about her!

The human body is so amazing that in rare cases, some have extra ordinary features and can do things human don't normally do. In this case today, we are looking at Veronica Seider , a woman with Mega Super eye sight.
Who is she?
Veronica Seider is a super human with extraordinary abilities. She was born in West-Germany in 1951.

She went to school just like any other German child and was later enrolled at Stuttgart University in West Germany.
While still a student, her abilities came to the attention of the general public when her university found out, in 1972, that she had unusual optical abilities.

They claimed that Veronica Seider could see detail as far away as a mile (1.6km) and more!
Veronica was also a German Guinness World Record holder for having an extraordinary ordinary sight, 20 times better than a normal human. For this power, she has been categorized as a Superhuman and her eyes were compared to telescopes. She recognized her power attending her high school and anyone who knew the fact was amazed at her.

Unfortunately, Veronica Seider died at the age of 62 on November 22, 2013, due to health problems but will always be remembered for her paranormal ability.

some facts about her:

*Veronica studied medicine and worked as a dentist throughout her career.

*Veronica proved her worth to a group of professors by writing 20 verses of a poem in a very small paper without using a magnifying glass.

*Veronica never tried something out of her supernatural power but surely holds the Guinness World record for her ability.

*Stuttgart University reported about her power in October 1972 and since then she was the headline amongst the news.

*She could even identify a human from a distance of 1.6 miles.

*Her ability was considered as a genetic disnormality by some experts.

*She was never proud of her ability but did devote her life to the man service by fulfilling her duty as a dentist.

*She set an example of impossibility and broke the records of normal human eye restrictions.

*She lived for 62 years and died on November 23, 2013, leaving us the memories of superpower.

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