10-year-old girl push her younger brother in a well ‘because her father’s wife is harassing her’



A 10-year-old girl, Suliya Abubakar, said she threw her 20-month-old brother into a well because the boy’s mother and her husband were harassing her.

The girl made the remarks on Friday while being presented by Ondo State Commissioner of Police Salami Bolaji along with 34 other suspects, according to NAN..

Suliya said she had dug the well for Usman and not for killing him, only because she was saddened by the harassment of her father’s wife.

“My mother divorced my father after she gave birth to nine children and two died, so now Usman’s mother is in the house and she is the one who cooks for us,” Suliya said.

“They prefer Usman to me. Every time he urinates or defecates on my food his mother says I have to eat it so nothing will happen to me.

“Then Usman’s mother removed the exact spot where he urinated and said I ate, if I didn’t eat she would press me.

“One night, ‘Uthman rubbed his body in the toilet, and I was told to wash him. He followed, and I dug him into the well.

“I told his mother that someone had come to pick up Usman. She said when we went to the police station I said it was my mother who had taken him hostage.

“My father, when I told him, said, ‘Yes, I told the police that nothing will happen to me. I can’t honestly hurt my mother.’

“I said I hit Usman in the well but I didn’t know he was going to die.”

The commissioner said the girl committed the crime on December 15 in Owode in Akure North Local Government Area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOndo State.

The men were presented to the media on charges of armed robbery, murder, theft, fraud and illegal possession of a firearm.


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