Aisha Buhari: Did Buhari’s wife move to Dubai to live?



Many people have been debating on Twitter and other social media, since some media outlets reported that Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari has returned to Dubai to live.

Earlier, Sahara Reporters reported that Aisha had returned to Dubai due to insecurity.

According to media reports, Aisha Buharin has left Nigeria since the inauguration of Hanan’s daughter.

The incident has sparked widespread speculation that the word “Dubai” has become one of the most talked about topics in Nigeria, with some locals asking where to flee if the woman the president ran?

The fact of the matter is

Sahara Reporters reports that Aisha left Nigeria in September, but this is not true, because even on October 1, the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence, Aisha in a Nigerian flag-colored outfit.

To substantiate the claims made by some media outlets on the matter, the BBC has conducted an investigation where a strong source from the presidency has confirmed to us that the first lady of Nigeria is in Dubai.

The source confirmed to us that the hostess did not return to Dubai to live permanently as some claim, but went to the country for treatment.

However, our source did not tell us the date of the first lady’s return.

Even in the midst of the cholera epidemic, Aisha Buhari had to cross Dubai for treatment, when on her way back, the presidential plane crashed .

Is Aisha concerned about Nigeria’s security?

The security crisis seems to be one of the issues that Aisha Buhari has been vocal about in recent days, calling for an end to the crisis in northern Nigeria.

On October 17 this year, Aisha posted a message on her social media page titled “Let’s eat people”, joining the ranks of those calling for an end to insecurity in northern Nigeria.


— Aisha M. Buhari (@aishambuhari) October 17, 2020

The message features a song by Kannywood singer, Adam A. Zango where he wrestles over the security crisis plaguing northern Nigeria.

The next morning, on the 18th, she published a series of messages entitled “North, Let’s Wake Up”, two of which were video and one photo, but both were patriotic.



— Aisha M. Buhari (@aishambuhari) October 18, 2020

Even in 2019, Aisha Buhari organized a special prayer rally at the presidential palace to seek God’s help on the challenges facing the country.


The conference brought together teachers from Izala and Sectarian groups.


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