BIG PROBLEM!! Is the #EndSars protest back?



Crowds took to the streets of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, on Monday to protest the police crackdown.

The protest, dubbed EndSars, began in October as a result of alleged police brutality, although it turned violent.

Photos and videos posted by protesters on social media on Monday show protesters walking the streets of Lagos.

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They hold various written boxes including calls to the authorities to give them the opportunity to become citizens.

In Lagos, reports indicate that security forces have been deployed in various parts of the city after authorities warned they would not allow the #EndSARS protests to resume.

The state police on Sunday issued a statement banning the protests, warning that any further action would incur its wrath.

Previous protests in Lagos State and other states have resulted in fires, with more than 400 billion naira lost in Lagos alone.

What are the protesters saying?

The EndSars topic was first discussed on Twitter on Monday morning and became one of the main topics of discussion that day.

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That she said a second wave of #EndSARS protests had begun where she said don’t say anything, keep spreading the message.

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The fact that the EndSars protests have continued for the second time has already taken people to the streets, he said.

What is the Nigerian government saying?

On Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari issued a statement on his Twitter account warning those in uniform to take part in peaceful protests to cause unrest and said they would taste the consequences.

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The President expressed his displeasure over how the EndSars protests in recent days have resulted in the loss of lives and property across the country.


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