Braking: Criminals will start using the NIN to harm Nigerians citizens


 The National Identity Database in Nigeria (NIMC) has warned the public to be wary of new messages sent by miscreants claiming to be MTN or Airtel or 9Mobile employees. that Glo.

In a statement, NIMC said: “In the next few days scammers will start sending you the message that you have been sent a group of numbers to verify your NIN citizenship number, so please send us your she.”

NIMC says re-sending them a code that could put a person at risk of infection, so that his data can be used to update a lost line and make purchases in his name online without his knowledge.

“They will not ask for your BVN number or NIN or your card details, because they will be identified soon. We urge you to delete such messages only.

“If the line company you are using fails to verify your NIN number, they will ask you to go to their office to do so.”

Last week, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) ordered the closure of all unregistered telephone lines with NIN number within two weeks.

Nigerian lawmakers have ordered the extension to be extended to eight weeks, but the commission has ruled that the two-week ban is valid.

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