Coronavirus: In January 2021 the disease will be worse in Nigeria – NCDC



NCDC has warned Nigerians that January will be a turning point for the country in terms of the spread of coronavirus, as they struggle to control its spread.

The Director General of the NCDC, Chike Ihekweazu, who made the remarks in his regular address to the Presidential Commission on Corruption, said the warning was issued because people were not following the rules and regulations of the health authorities. in collaboration with the Nigerian government.

The statement from the Director General of the NCDC comes at a time when Nigeria is witnessing a major outbreak of the virus.

Mr Ihekweazu said: “We have experienced the worst week since we started the fight against the epidemic. We have had more epidemics in Nigeria last week than in the other weeks since the outbreak.

“Pictures and videos from across the country are sad and disturbing, because it seems that despite all the warnings we have been giving, or appealing to Nigerians, in the last few months, people are not following the rules. laid out, the usual activities of the past have been carried out, ”he said.

He added: “Unfortunately, January will be a difficult one for all of us. The venues for festivals and gatherings are overcrowded; our health facilities are overcrowded; we are struggling to cope, we are struggling to find a way. we add facilities and equipment, including oxygen for patients.

He said that every night they received phone calls from patients who came to check on their health, adding that things would get worse, but they did not know how to deal with the situation. a coalition of state governments across the country to implement the measures agreed upon by all.

The NCDC chairman added that they had found that some states had started taking steps to curb the spread of the virus, but others had taken it lightly.


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