Coronavirus Italy: A man who walks for a week on foot to calm down the frustration of fighting his wife



An Italian man has fled his home to calm down after a fight with his wife – and has traveled 450 kilometers.

The Italians on social media have even dubbed him the “Forrest Gump” film of Tom Hanks in 1994, which traveled thousands of miles across the United States.

He was stopped by police at around 2am in Fano, a week after he left his home in the northern region.

The 48-year-old was fined 2 362 by police for violating a curfew.

The article was first published by the newspaper Resto del Carlino in the Bologna region, and immediately dominated the Italian media.

Opinions have surfaced on social media, with some calling the man a hero and expressing opposition to his fine.

Someone said he should have been honored too – but he was not fined. Another praised him for going out to calm down, instead of causing trouble.

The man said “I came here on foot, I didn’t get in the car.” “On the way I met people who offered me food and water. I was satisfied but tired,” he said, traveling 60 kilometers a day.

Police found him in the cold at night on the highway.

After checking his identity card, they discovered that his wife had issued a notice that he was missing. They immediately contacted her and she came to Fano to pick him up.

Reports from Italy did not reveal how angry he was after eating nine.


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