COVID-19: Coronavirus kills 3,900 people in 24 hours in the United States 🥺



More than 3,900 people have died in the United States in 24 hours.

California is the second country in the world to have a new strain of the deadly virus.

A new strain of the virus was discovered in the south-east of the UK in September 2020.

Prior to the outbreak, the United States was the world’s deadliest pandemic, accounting for one-third of all deaths.

President Trump has signed off on a major package of aid to reduce the pain of the coronavirus epidemic and the passage of the government’s spending bill into law.

However, since Farjo said he would prefer Americans to receive a larger package of aid individually, and withhold foreign aid.

Lawmakers from the Democratic Party and their Republican counterparts have been urging him to sign before the end of the term of a budget at midnight last night.

The $ 900 billion bailout package was approved by the House of Representatives after months of negotiations.

The money is part of a $ 2.3 trillion package that includes the budgets of some current federal agencies.

Millions of Americans affected by the cholera epidemic have lost access to temporary unemployment benefits and additional emergency payments due to delays.


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