COVID-19 kills 20 doctors in a week in Nigeria – NMA



At least 20 doctors have died of cholera across Nigeria in the past week, according to the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) branch in Abuja.

The head of the branch, Dr. Enema Amodu made this known during a press conference in Abuja on Friday.

“Over the past week, we have lost professors and specialists and doctors large and small as well as other major health professionals,” he said.

“The number of our colleagues who have died is constantly increasing. Now that I am talking to you, a friend called me from a detention center and he seems to be feeling better.

“If I tell you the number now could change tonight. But I can tell you that we have lost at least 20 doctors in the last week.”

He added that this proves that “this virus is here with us”.

He said despite the threats, doctors were still receiving N50,000 a month.


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