Covid-19: UK are in serious corona lockdown


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

 The relaxation of Korona’s curfew during the UK Christmas season has come under fire, after authorities lifted the ban altogether.

The move, which went into effect on Saturday night, follows warnings from experts that the worst of the pandemic is now looming large in London.

In addition to London, they said severe locking measures would be taken in Kent, Essex and Bedfordshire.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also announced that areas in the fourth tier of locks should not dare to interact with their neighbors or anyone who does not live in their home.

Even in other areas where it was previously allowed to socialize for five days because of the Christmas celebration, the celebration is now limited to Christmas Day only.

In addition the law will apply to 32 London boroughs and the city center, and traffic will be restricted from one area to another across the UK

The same goes for Scotland and Wales, where authorities have announced that the law will only be relaxed on Christmas day.

Traffic will be restricted from one area to another across the UK

Now all unnecessary outings have been suspended from here for two weeks, when the authorities will reconsider the new measures taking into account the situation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said 350,000 people had already been vaccinated two weeks after the program began.

He added that clinics would double their efforts to distribute the vaccine to ensure more people are given it in a short period of time.


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