Covid-19: What we know about the new type of coronavirus in the UK


A new form of cholera has been linked to a series of stricter rules to prevent the spread of the disease in the UK, Scotland and Wales during the Christmas holidays, which has further plunged the population into crisis. .

How did a disease that did not exist before become so common in just two months?

Advisers to the government on the spread of the disease say they think the type of disease is more prevalent than others.

They say that at first it is more frightening, because it contains so many other complex things.

As I have written before, the virus changes in the human body, so it is important to note how the disease changes.

Why is this type of public outrage?

So there are three things that go into that. which are the attractions.

1. It is a form of rapid change in the human body

2. It also has access to all parts of the body

3. The results of the research so far also show that some of the parts of the body that the new species may be affected include other human genes.

So all these things come together in a virus that is spreading in the community like wildfire.


How fast is it spreading?

It was first discovered in September, and in December it was found that almost a quarter of those infected in the UK were of all types, up to two-thirds in December. .

Come and see how this type of disease draws a line in the results of those who suffer from coronary heart disease.

Calculators estimate the number of cases of different types of coronary heart disease in this case.

Figures released by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicate that the number of cases may be as high as 70 per cent in the near future.

But there is still a question mark over whether it is more contagious than all other types of disease.

How far is it?

Either a new strain of the virus has appeared in a patient in the UK, or it has been imported from another country, where coronary heart disease cannot be tracked as well as it should.

A new strain of the disease can be found in all parts of the UK, except Northern Ireland.

Data from Nextstrain, which monitors the new strain, suggests it has been found in countries including Denmark and Australia, and both have been imported from the UK.

A new strain of the disease has also been spotted in South Africa.

Where did this new strain of the disease originate?

In fact, the nature of the disease is changing dramatically.

The most convincing explanation is that the new strain emerged from a patient whose immune system was weakened to the point of being unable to control the disease.

As a result, her body develops into a new type of disease, in which she develops and reproduces.

Can he kill?

There is no evidence that this is happening, although it needs to be monitored.

However, an increase in the number of cases can lead to an increase in the number of hospitalizations.

Can the vaccine fight this type of corona?

It can almost be said yes, because all three pre-vaccines contain certain chemicals that protect a person from infection that continues to spread now.

These vaccines train your body’s immune system to fight off the diseases that are trying to enter your body, so even if the disease re-emerges contrary to what is known, the immune system will continue to fight it relentlessly.


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