CRUISE TALK!! Indian lawmaker divorces wife because she change party



The marriage of an Indian lawmaker to his wife of more than 10 years has been a nightmare after he sent her a message of divorce as a result of her party change.

Saumitra Khan of West Bengal state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP party sent a message of divorce to his wife Sujata Mondal Khan on Tuesday, a day after she defected to the TMC.

West Bengal is preparing for parliamentary elections in the next few months and will be dominated by the BJP and TMC.

At a press conference in the state capital, Kolkata on Monday, Ms Mondal Khan announced her decision to leave the BJP and explained her reasons for doing so.

She said the party did not show any respect for her at all, accepting more “politicians” from the opposition parties and favoring them over her own party members.

Hours later the lawmaker called an emergency press conference, where Mr Khan, 40, in tears and frustration announced his decision to separate from his wife after 10 years together.

He ordered her to stop using his name Khan in front of her name, saying he had let her go and fulfill all her political ambitions, as reported by Press Trust.

He then accused the TMC of destroying his home.

“TMC has stolen my wife, taken away my happiness and my love,” he said.


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