Dear haters, keep hating – Dj AB


Dj AB in a unsual Twitter message said “Dear haters, keep hating”. It maybe because of the recent released joint EP featuring Kheengz, Deezell & BOC Madaki…

Music lovers are really worried why ClassiQ is not in the EP, some are saying why not involved Morell. The answers to this questions are still mute that’s why Dj AB post the Twitter message.

Dear haters, keep hating 🙏🏽

— DJ AB (@Dj_Abba) December 27, 2020

The Four Horsemen EP simply means the four Kings in the North and we all know ClassiQ tag himself as the only King of the North. 
What are you people thinking about on this? Leave us a comment in the comment section below 👇👇


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