Dj AB FANS!! How Well Do You Know Dj AB? Answer These Five Questions About Him



Hey Guys, 

Today marks Dj AB 27th birthday, so as a fan of him let test ourselves, how long have we been familiar with Dj AB

I have bring five beautiful questions for you to answer.

If you can answer three questions out of five we have a reward for you!!

See questions below: 👇👇

Question 1

Which  was the first Dj AB song to record in the studio?

Question 2

All these are Dj AB’s siblings except? 
Geeboy, Jigsaw, Mr Kebzee, Feezy, Lil Prince, Zayn Africa

Question 3

Which university is Dj AB going? course and level?

Question 4

Does Dj AB Have a Studio Album If Yes What is The Name and The Year? 

Question 5

Who sponsored the song Kumatu and was directed by?

That’s all 

Answer all questions in the comment section below: 👇👇


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