Google outage: Google’s Gmail and Youtube apps have been temporarily disabled for some time



Google services including YouTube, email and Docs have come to a standstill, which is a rare occurrence, where site users are unable to use them.

The software stopped working for more than 30 minutes before returning to work, and it happened before 12:00 noon British time.

Software users around the world have complained that they are experiencing interruptions in Gmail, Google Drive, Android Play Store, Maps and more.

However, Google’s search engine does not encounter any problems.

The latency experienced by the software has had a profound effect on millions of users who rely on Google for their day-to-day operations, especially sending email and calendars.

The problem has even affected some Google-powered devices, such as music players – where some have complained on social media that they have failed to turn on and off their home lights.

Some Pokémon Gosun players also complained that they could not play.

In a statement, Google said: “We are aware of the problem facing Gmail which is affecting millions of users.

“Victims have been unable to access Gmail,” the statement said, adding that the word “Gmail” has replaced other software.

Google said it was not sure what caused the problem, and Google was asked to hear from it, but a company spokesman said they too could not see their email message at the time of the incident.

Such features are rarely available, but some of the company’s problems have caused problems for Google’s software users in the United States in June 2019.


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