GSS Kankara: Students wake up in freedom



The Zamfara state government said the Kankara high school students who helped secure their release were on their way to Katsina from Gusau.

The Katsina state government confirmed to the BBC on Thursday night that the students had been released, after spending six days in captivity.

The news of the release of the students has brought joy and happiness to the faces and hearts of the Nigerian people especially the parents of the children after days of unrest.

The Secretary to the Government of Zamfara State, Bala Bello Maru, led the reception of the students of Dankara Secondary School, following an intervention by Governor Bello Matawalle and their captors.

Bala Bello told the BBC the children were in good health and slept soundly without getting a single one in a state of illness or any other problem.

How they rescued the students 

The Zamfara government team received the children from the Tsafe Forest in Zamfara at around 6pm on Thursday.

They were then taken to a military barracks in Gusau to escape before being recaptured in Katsina, at dawn.

Zamfara State Governor Matawalle said they were pursuing a compromise, which had enabled them to rescue the children without delay.

He also confirmed to the BBC that 344 children had been released, following the leadership of the peace process under the leadership of the national Miyetti Allah.

“Reconciliation was held at least three times before a compromise was reached on the release of the students. At first it was unsuccessful, so it was second but in the end it was successful.”

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Were the children taken from Boko Haram?

Governor Matawalle said he was not taken from Boko Haram, but from students by gunmen.

He said that in their negotiations, they had resolved some of the problems that they were facing and promised to resolve them.

Among the complaints of the Fulani were the killing of their cattle and the abuse of them by vigilantes.

And he said he was ready to continue such reconciliation efforts to secure the country, and anyone who refused would face the wrath of the authorities, Matawalle said.

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Is the ransom paid?

Many locals have questioned the release of these students, noting the aftermath of the abduction of the Chibok and Dapchi girls.

There are those who find it difficult to release these students just yet.

However, reports from both the Zamfara and Katsina governments confirm that no ransom has been paid.

And Governor Matawalle said only issues that would prevent such a shield from happening in the future were discussed, as well as listening to the complaints of the kidnappers.

The governor also linked such security challenges to a lack of unity, warning that only working together and listening to each other’s grievances would save Nigeria.

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Commentary, by Umaymah Sani Abdulmumin

Ahead of news of the release of the students, Boko Haram first released a video showing students in the desert begging for their release.

Shortly after the video was released, the Katsina government released the children.

Those who intervened in the rescue of the children proved that they were not in the hands of Boko Haram.

The situation has come to a head with the question mark over how Boko Haram has received a video claiming to have ice students in its hands.

However, there are commentators who say from the beginning of the abduction that it is not surprising that Boko Haram fighters are working with, or that the kidnappers are working with Boko Haram.

It is also possible that Boko Haram used this opportunity to spread its propaganda.

The goal of many citizens is to improve security as soon as possible so that the speed of what can come can be restored.

It is hoped that if the rescue of the children is achieved through the leadership of the Miyetti-Allah Fulani community, then this process will be able to overcome the problem of kidnappings that are often blamed on the Fulani and attacks by militants. reach other villages.

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What Buhari said about the release of the Dankara students

President Buhari answering the phone after the release of the children from the Katsina governor

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has already welcomed the news of the release of the students, describing it as a reassuring moment for the parents of the students and the community at home and abroad.

In a brief statement shortly after the announcement of the students’ release, President Buhari expressed his gratitude to the people of the country and other stakeholders who have played a key role in ensuring the release of the students.

The Nigerian president praised what he called the co-operation and commitment achieved between the Katsina and Zamfara governments and the military that took the lead in freeing the students.

He also commended the national intelligence agencies and police officers for providing a conducive environment for the release of the students.

President Buhari said Katsina State Governor Aminu Bello Masari and the Armed Forces had worked very hard so that even the news of the release of the students was a source of great joy and it showed that the military was aware of their role.

On the issue of other abductees who are still being held, in some places, the Nigerian president said his government was aware of its responsibility to protect the lives and property of the Nigerian people.

The president then urged Nigerians to be more patient and fair to the government as they try to tackle security and corruption issues.

The Nigerian president also said that his government was aware that it had been elected to address the challenges facing the country.

The Nigerian president highlighted the success of his administration in addressing security challenges in southern and northeastern Nigeria.

He said the problem was now in the northwest, and his government was working to address it in the region.

The Nigerian president finally prayed for the safety of the released students who he said had suffered hardships while in custody at the hands of gunmen who abducted them.


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