GSS Kankara: What Buhari told the rescued students


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has met with students of the Kankara School in Katsina after rescuing them from gunmen who abducted them.

The president met the students at the Katsina State Government House a day after rescuing more than 340 students.

The students, mostly children, were rescued on Thursday after spending nearly a week in the bush at the hands of their captors.

The president commended the Katsina government and others who helped save the students.

The President began by speaking and calling on the students to listen to him and understand him.

He called on the students to be more diligent in their pursuit of knowledge and forget what happened to them, adding that they were lucky not to suffer.

“Leave the shortcomings of your past behind and continue to focus on your studies at this school of science,” Buhari said.

The president also told the students that the science education they are studying in their school is modern, adding that “no one who reads History or English, those who do science will be the ones who will get the most jobs in the future.”

President Buhari also said that the problem of herdsmen and farmers was a long-running conflict before he joined the army, citing the example of the people of Plateau who he said were Fulani players and who complained that “cattle ranchers were harassing on the farms.”

This is older than me, almost yesterday I turned 78 years old, among them, the ninth year from where you are here in Katsina I spent seven years in Kafin Soli, one year in Kankia, “the Nigerian president told the students. Hail.

Reason to go to Buhari’s farm


Buhari, who is almost two and a half years old, stepped down and told the students why he was visiting his farm.

He said he had sworn that the Qur’an would uphold the Nigerian constitution and that he must return on May 29, 2023.

“That’s why I go around and see my farm and my animals to know if God gives me a long life here I will come back – as the so-called end of candy land,” he said.

Contrary to the long-standing call of Nigerians for the removal of the country’s top military officers, the president said they should continue to work with God.


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