Gunmen attacked King Kaoda Namoda, killing three policemen and wounding several others



Suspected gunmen attacked the convoy of the Emir of Namoda, Sanusi Muhammad Asha, killing three policemen and some of the emir’s nephews.

Sources from the Zamfara state government confirmed to us that the incident took place on the way to Funtua while the emir was returning to Kaura Namoda from Abuja.

The BBC was also assured that the king had survived the attack unharmed.

Sanusi Muhammad Asha, 40, was appointed King of Kaura Namoda this year following the death of his father Muhammad Asha.

We contacted the Zamfara police to find out more, but they did not call.

A total of 344 Dankara students were rescued from the Zamfara National Park yesterday after being held hostage for several days.


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