Gwariloaded is bigger than YNS Family – Musa Shuaibu Gwariloaded said as Dj AB blocked him from all social media


 Hey guys today we wake up with an old beef between YNS frontline Dj AB and the Northern blogger Gwariloaded.

“Dj AB is being hating since day one”. Gwariloaded cried out below are some WhatsApp status message from the Northern blogger. 

We don’t how true is that but best on what Dj AB did by blocking him from all social media might be true.

This is screenshot from gwariloaded Instagram

Early 2020 Dj AB said gwariloaded is been bias blogger 

This is Twitter screenshot from gwariloaded

Below are WhatsApp message by Gwariloaded.

“After Me Being A Bias Blogger From North What Contribution Do You All Guys Gives Me Except ClassiQ That Been Supporting Me Since From Day 1”

“If You Really What’s Entertainment You Couldn’t Blocked Me From Your Social Media Accounts… And I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Fight At All”

“Y’all Forgot The Year That You Released Your Song With Yung6ix Your Brother msg me that i should Remove The Song On My Blog because You Want People To Buy The Song Not Downloading & I Take It Down without Saying Any Word because Why you know my blog is bigger Than All YNS Family”

Stay tune on BestArewaMusic we bring the full gist… 

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