How to make cool cash 1000 naira daily with your mobile phone



Hey Guys 

I bring to you this amazing trick that is been hidden by others, I know the situation in the country is very bad. COVID-19 spoil almost everything in the whole world. 

So guys I came across this paying platform that you can earn at least 500 naira per day with just using your mobile phone, and it just require a little task. So follow me up and earn happily while you’re at home..

Step 1

All you need is to download telegram on playstore for Android users and appstore for iOS users, if you have done that register with your phone number. Telegram is like WhatsApp messaging app. 

Step 2 

When you register successfully click here it will take you automatically to telegram and if you don’t have it, it will tell you to download it as shown below..

After you have done that see the tasks you need to do to start earning your money happily..

  • Sharing the link as message to others. If someone click on the link you’ll earn 200 naira bonus so also the person that click the link
  • If you can’t share the link then you can be pressing start in the telegram after every 24hrs to earn 200 naira bonus 

When your earnings reach 10,000 you’re ready for withdrawal that’s all! And it is working 100%..

Drops us a comment and don’t forget to share this to others so that they can earn too


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