How to register for citizenship in Nigeria – NIN


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has ordered the closure of all unregistered telephone lines, even if they are old.

The commission has given a two-week deadline to telephone operators with this NIN number to take it to registered telecommunications companies to have their number and phone line registered.

This comes after the commission ordered the sale or registration of new landlines in the country.

Here are some of the steps taken by the commission to enforce this law:

  • Ensure that both telecommunications companies follow the initial order to stop registering for a new line.
  • Communications companies require all users of their lines to provide a valid NIN code to connect to their line.
  • Telephone users are given a two-week deadline to submit their NIN number (from December 16, 2020 to December 30, 2020).
  • All unregistered phone lines with NIN number will soon be closed.
  • A special committee including ministers and other senior officials will be in charge to ensure that telecommunications companies comply with this directive.
  • Breaking this rule will result in action, including the possibility of revoking the company’s license
  • How man will look Nin number from your phone?
  • One can check his NIN number by pressing some numbers on his phone.

    The National Identity Card Board (NIMC) says you can dial * 346 # to get your number.

    MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo users can all check this number.

    How do you register for citizenship?

    For those who do not have this NIN number, they can easily follow these steps to get their number.

    Step One

    • You can visit this site – to fill out the registration form.
    • Fill in any required fields to fill out the form
    • After you have filled in, download the completed form and press it to get a copy.

    The second step

    Take your registration form to the office

    • You can go to the nearest card registry office with your valid documents.
    • At the registry office, you will be shown an officer to go to to check all the information you have filled in and the authenticity of your documents.
    • If all goes well, your fingerprints, all ten, will be taken, and you will then be given a piece of paper that will serve as proof that you have registered.

    Step three

    Receive your NIN number

    • The deadline for obtaining a NIN number does not exceed two to three business days, after you have completed your registration.
    • Sometimes getting this NIN number takes time as a result of trying to verify data.
    • The person should keep the document given to him by the registration certificate because the document will be required if the person receives his number.


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