INSECURITY: Katsina State Residents of the town spend the night at neighborhood home in fear of kidnappers



All the people of Sabuwa town at five-thirty to six o’clock in the evening you will see them start fleeing and crossing to Hayin Gari and other villages to spend the night because this is where the security forces are, so it is safer in on Sabuwa Local Government Area “, a resident of Katsina State in northern Nigeria told BBC Hausa.

He added: “As soon as the food is finished, tie it up and take it away. When you see what is happening, you will be surprised and sympathetic. You will see children being taken away, some at. children, adults and children leave the city daily by God, ”he said.

People travel to the neighboring towns of Sabuwa in Katsina State, to Birnin Gwari in Kaduna State in the west every day, for fear of poachers attacking them almost every day.

Sources told the BBC that kidnappings for ransom and armed robberies had increased in towns and villages in the area, with as many as 10 people, including the town’s owner, being abducted by gunmen in the early hours of Wednesday morning. the village of Gamji.

“They detained the mayor and told him to identify the poor among those who, if ransom was demanded, would not be found. He would decide whether to kill him or not, and the mayor would choose the poor and return home,” the man said.

The man who asked us to remain anonymous said they do not get the services of security officers whenever they need support from them.

An eyewitness told the BBC that towns such as Sayau, Tashar Bawa, Na-Kaba and Dungun Mu’azu, all in the Sabuwa area, had also come under attack in the recent past.

SP Gambi Isah, spokesman for the Katsina State Police Command, told BBC Hausa that they were trying to track down the abducted Gamji people and their mayor, and that they were now working on a new plan to address security concerns in the area.

He added: “Steps have been taken to encircle this city and then take steps to fight these terrorists so that they do not return to the city.”

Security and kidnappings are rampant in northwestern Nigeria, particularly in Zamfara and Katsina states, where the Nigerian military has recently launched a military operation to crack down on kidnappers. now reports of kidnappings and attacks continue to increase.


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