Isa Ali Pantami: Communications Minister reduces data prices in Nigeria


The Nigerian government has announced data inflation of more than 50 per cent following an order to the National Communications Commission (NCC) to issue official measures.

Communications Minister Dr Isa Ali Pantami, who made the announcement on his Twitter account on Thursday, said the move was in line with his directive to the NCC to come up with measures to reduce the price of Datar for the convenience of the people.

“1GB of data will now be sold at N487, instead of the usual N1000,” the statement said.

“This stems from a report submitted by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to the minister after the implementation of the directive,” said Pantami’s aide Mr Femi Adeluyi.

According to him, the minister has set up a committee with the aim of facilitating the use of Data, which is expected to remain operational until 2025.

The program was launched by President Muhammadu Buhari on March 19, 2020 in Abuja.

One of the objectives is to reduce the price of Data to N390 from now until 2015.

Does the government have the right to take this step?

Experts in the telecommunications sector believe that the government does not have the authority to regulate telecommunications companies in the country, so its job is to advise on the prices it deems appropriate.

Another task that is seen to be hanging over the responsibility of the country’s telecommunications regulators is to ensure that citizens have good communication, while protecting their rights and ensuring that the companies do not do anything illegal. .

If the government finds a company to do something illegal, it has the right to sue, as the Nigerian government has in recent years fined MTN billions of dollars.

What remains to be seen is how Nigerian telecommunications companies will react to this issue.



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