Kidnappers killed, robbers arrested in Sokoto State



Sokoto State Police have killed two robbers in Sanyinna town of Tambuwal Local Government Area during an exchange of fire.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Sokoto State Commissioner of Police Ibrahim Sani Ka’oje said there had been an increase in kidnappings in the state.

He added that an armed robbery attack by others had resulted in the death of one person recently.

“We have been following in their footsteps for two days. Two weeks ago, there was an attack in Sanyinna, where the soldiers went to the park but could not enter because the area needed a lot of preparation,” he said, in a Channels TV report.

According to him, one of the attackers was arrested which resulted in the death of a man two weeks ago.

Four people were arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and eight other kidnappings, and their AK-47 rifles were confiscated from them.


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