Meet Damilola Olusegun, the female artist that does her drawings in large fomat.

Damilola Olusegun,  the Nigeria female artist that does her drawings in large fomat. 
In an interview with Damilola said My late dad motivated me to start making art.”Kind of messages I pass through my works; My subject matter mostly deals with emotions and self discovery. I connect with music, books, people, my environment and situations around my vicinity before creating any art piece.”

Why large format?  “I create art preferably in large format because it gives me this feeling of freedom to express myself.”
What words do you have for other artist out there?.
 “To artists out there, don’t ever think of giving up, it should never be an option. Do you. Create what your soul tells you and also believe in yourself. “

Award won; Young visual artist of the year 2019 from The Everyday Chapter 
Number of exhibition; about 8 to 10


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