Prominent Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmed Lemu is death



Nigeria’s leading Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmed Lemu, has died.

Sheikh Lemu died early Thursday in the northern city of Minna in Niger State.

He died at the age of 91 in the world.

One of the deceased’s children, Nuruddeen Lemu, who confirmed to the BBC their father’s death, said preparations for his funeral would begin soon.

The late Sheikh Lemu started his religious and secular studies in Nigeria where he later went to England to complete his Bachelor’s degree in African and Oriental Studies in 1964 at the school abbreviated as SAOS.

He spent most of his life teaching, especially in Arabic, Islamic studies and Hausa.

The late Sheikh Lemu was also a man who spent most of his life calling for solidarity and flexibility in the society and expressing his views on matters openly.

Sheikh Lemu made a significant contribution to the protection of women’s rights, as well as founded the Da’awa to fight extremism.

In addition to teaching, the late Lemu played a number of roles, including in the legal field where he held various positions including that of Chief Justice of the Islamic Sharia Court of Appeal in Niger State.

Mariyagi Sheikh Lemu has received numerous awards from inside and outside Nigeria, including the King Faisal International Award presented to him in 2014.

He has authored several books including: The Book of Fasting, Islam for Africa, The Young Muslim, among others.

Sheikh Lemu’s wife, Hajiya Aisha Lemu, died in 2019 at the age of 79 after a short illness.


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