Reasons why adults urinate while sleeping



For many adults it is difficult to come out and say that they have urinary incontinence because it is more common in young children.

Research shows that two per cent of adults suffer from urinary incontinence.

Dr Salihu Kwaifa, a specialist at the Wuse General Hospital in Abuja, said children between the ages of five and 10 urinate in bed, and for children it is not a disease but a sign of growth

The doctor said that whenever an adult over the age of 18 was seen urinating it was an illness.

For those who suffer from urinary incontinence it is preferable to visit a doctor for immediate treatment.

The health website WebMd explains that a number of health problems are causing urinary incontinence in adults which includes problems with the bladder or anxiety or taking certain medications.

Causes of urination in adults

Dr Salihu Kwaifa, a medical specialist at Wuse General Hospital, Abuja, explains the causes of urination in adults as follows:

Past germs or a problem with a chemical that inhibits the amount or volume of urine can cause a person to urinate lying down.

Diabetes causes excessive urination which can lead to urinary incontinence because it causes excessive urination and dehydration.

A woman may have a bladder problem if she has a bladder problem and is unable to hold urine.

There is also a type of urinary tract infection that can cause an adult to urinate lying down.

Adults may also have urinary incontinence if they have a stroke or dementia.

There are also medications that can cause urinary incontinence.

For women who have had a miscarriage, they may have problems urinating.

The same is true for those who drink a lot of water at night when they go to bed or when they wake up they can urinate lying down.

Is urinating while lying problem of demons ?

Traditionally the problem of urinary incontinence in adults is attributed to wind or demons.

And any illness of unknown value or severity is more closely linked to air pollution.

But Dr Kwaifa said that urinary incontinence is a disease that, if diagnosed, has nothing to do with air or demons.

“Any disease that is diagnosed will have causes,” the doctor said.

Some tips to help

For those taking the drug that causes them to urinate more often they may stop taking the medication.

The bladder can then be taught how to hold urine especially if its time is not right.

There are medications that are medically prescribed to prevent excessive urination, which in turn suppress urinary incontinence.

For the one who urinates lying down may abstain from drinking water at bedtime.

One can use a clock to set the time to get up and urinate at night


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