The Conspiracy On Insecurity In Nigeria.



 By Sameen Y Saeed (DR SYS) 

Snippet on Insecurity :

 For almost a  decades, Nigeria Became one of the most terrorism and religious militants countries, others includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Syria all in Asia world, however in the Third world (African countries) there’s Haftar Militants of Libya, Chad terrorists and Other ISWAP, but still there is some minor states where terrorism is mild concerns. 

Convincedly, For the Whole States and Worldwide range terrorism is believed as unacceptable and intolerance acts, therefore each country plays its own efforts in tackling, fighting and combating the chaotic behaviour.

Unfortunately in Nigeria, the Insecurity issues became so pricey in affordability for change it to stability,peace and security society, due to spansored by the the Third- invisible party and commercialised by another third party within the national cabinets(Some) on that security matters. 

The issues of Conspiracy came about as a result of the rampant abductions and requesting huge amount of money as a ransom, also the scenarios of recently released of 340s abducted  students in Kankara local government area of Katsina. 

With that scenarios as a game changer, some Nigerians believed its just a playing sense as Drama, majority of people asking ” how government negotiate with those abductors, how are they been communicating with the government for negotiation matters, its Released or Rescued?” these are some of the questions surrounded the new media with hash tags, more especially Twitter and Facebook. 

 But actually I my self , as a Social & media analyst I can’t take a site but rather been ambivalent about these questions.

 But government from your site, need to understand people that you had promised to protect their Security are well aware of your actions, reactions and inactions over national matters in general. 

  Sameen Y Saeed (DR SYS)


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